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Introducing POMster

Your Proof of Market Dashboard

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Why POMster?

POMster is the first Proof of Market dashboard to enable startups to prove their early-stage traction. POMster helps startups track progress in every phase of their funnel. Easily show potential investors proof of early traction metrics. 

Investors currently rely too heavily on LOIs, mainly because they are one of the few items that are reliable, can be trusted, and can be tracked easily. POMster extends that trust and trackability to other metrics that show early signs of proof of market or traction. Some clients have notoriously long sales cycles. When startups can get past the gate keepers, get an internal champion, meet and demo with several leaders, send over proposals, receive positive feedback post-meetings, and tackle security questionnaires, all before securing a LOI; there is a clear need for the solution and the startup is addressing a real problem for their potential client. 

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Sign up for a free trial, refer friends for credits, and provide feedback to help us improve the dashboard for everyone.

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